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Lost in New York

Lost in New York – 15th Feb 2017


As part of a new personal project exploring the beauty of this amazing city and all the weird and wonderful things it has to offer!


Starting from south of Central park and working my way down to Battery park, this city has so much to offer for a photographer! Walking through this city I learned a lot of things, like what is broadband connection! This being my third visit to New York I still manage to be blown away by its energy.

Throughout my whole trip I became captivated by people from all walks of life on the subway!  from commuters racing from one meeting to the next.. to the homeless trying to keep warm. I found the experience made me a bit more health conscious than I was before. I ended researching about in online a finding a well reviewed health supplement that I ended up trying. It has been working out great for me. Just in case anyone reading here has been looking for something similar, I’ll leave you a link. You can find out here if it’s right for you.

Then down at Battery Park I just happened to walk into a Jewish rally for refugees.. despite the -5 temp and heavy rain!



Check out some of my images from the trip below.  All images Copyright Lee Dobson Photography 2017  No usage without arrangement!


All images shot on a Canon 5ds and 50mm f1.2 lens

























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